Thursday, April 10, 2014

"Reclaimed" - Gary shoot image- and week 19/52

Yeah, I'm cheating a little.  I didn't exactly create this image entirely this week, but I did put the final touches on it- Does that count?

 I've been utterly exhausted this week, but I am planning some fun stuff for the next few weeks- stay tuned!


Mode- Rae Smith Wardrobe- Gunne Sax

Shortie post!! LOL

Peace and Love!

Speed Edit of "Melancholy and the Bride to Be"

  I have been wanting to do these speed edits for quite some time now-  to show you all the process that I go through and the transformation of an image from start to finish.   I am testing out new software to record on screen activity and I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to record an image edit. 

Please note: this is not meant to be a tutorial- I am working on offering those sometime in the next year or so- this is really just a demonstration.    Also, I was not as careful with this images details as I normally would be if I were editing this image for real.  I included the finished "pretend" image as well as the actual image at the end.

  Just in case you're curious- this image took almost 45 minutes to complete, the real image took closer to 3 hours.   I believe the least amount of time I've ever spent on an image is 2 hours.   The most I've ever spent has taken nearly 16.  Dan had to force me to step away from the computer to eat dinner and sleep.   LOL 

Look for more in depth speed edits coming soon- as I get more familiar with this new software and video producing in general, I hope they'll be better and easier to watch.  I"m also working on licensing better music to add to these. LOL

Peace and Love

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Video- Gary City Methodist Church

Pardon the terrible skills of the person holding the camera-  what can I say... I'm a photographer, not a filmmaker.

This is the video of our trip to Gary.  It was slightly chaos for me, and while I was filming the location I was still a little terrified of falling through the floor, which is why you see the camera looking at the floor a lot. LOL


Sunday, March 30, 2014

City Methodist Church- Gary Indiana- Week 18/52

Last Friday, I took a group to visit City Methodist Church in Gary Indiana.  City Methodist was, in it's day, a GORGEOUS structure, built in the 20's with U.S. Steel covering around $385,000.00 of it's construction costs.   It could hold nearly a thousand parishioners including a choir.  The building also housed a school, a gymnasium and an auditorium.  While an active church, it boasted a membership of over 3000 worshipers and was in everyone's opinion, the Heart of the city.  When the steel industry went under and people started to leave the city in droves for better employment, the church and many other establishments in the town slowly died and were abandoned.  Since crime flourished and the town became known for it's decay and murder rate, Gary has been limping along financially and many efforts to breathe new life into the church and town have all fallen along the way.
When I first heard of the church, it was because I had seen it's website, and I was astounded by it's achingly beautiful, and eerie remains.  I would have loved to have seen it ten years ago, before it became the pile of rubble we witnessed this week, but even in it's advanced  state of decay, it is still a sight to behold.

I couldn't have asked for better companions on our trip, and while our drive there wasn't the smoothest journey (flat tire, anyone?) Once we got there, explored the site, and began shooting, it was like we had known each other forever.
Seriously. Awesome. People.  L-R Bryan Kumfer of Bryan Hollywood Kumfer (model)
Ella Paloma, behind Ella is Alyssa Fearnow of Alysa Fearnow Photography, (front)Rene Nicole, (back) Lisa Bradfield-Model, Aisha Diss of Perfectly Imperfect Images, Rae Smith-Model, behind her is her Assistant Todd, who was awesome, and there's me on the end.

I'm sharing a few of the final images today, but I'm still editing away and hope to have a short video soon.  (maybe.)

Man on Fire- With Bryan Kumfer

"Burn Them"- With Rae Smith

Melancholy and the Bride to Be- With Rae Smith

The Madness of the Gypsy Queen -With Ella Paloma

Choices- With Lisa Bradfield- Model

Peace and love!