Friday, December 14, 2012


 This close to Christmas. Those children, going to school that morning, chattering excitedly about their plans for holiday break, what they hoped Santa would hide under the tree for them, the parties they would attend, and cookies they would bake...

  And all that evaporates into the air. With one man's sickness. He took away their futures and plunged an entire country, once again, into despair.

  I didn't wait up to see Evie off to school today, and I didn't hear about the tragedy until I woke up. My heart is broken. I rushed to collect her from the sitter's house, and when I got there I hugged her so tight.
How easily could that have been her school? How easily could that man have lived here, among my community? And how easily could it have been our loss instead of theirs?

It IS our loss. Every time this happens, our people lose a little of our own humanity, of our own innocence, little pieces of our own souls. And this happens way too often.

I am not religious.  I am not spiritual. But today I am sending a prayer into the universe. A cry. I am with those families who are grieving. And I am with those children who are hurting and scared. A little piece of my soul goes with that prayer, out into the universe and I hope that it can find someone and comfort them a little.

I know this doesn't make any sense. This post, these events, none of it really. But I needed to write something. I'm sorry for babbling. I don't think I've put together a coherent thought since I saw the news.

Peace and Love to you my readers.
Peace and Love and Safety from the sickness of this world.



  1. I don't have anything to add really. I feel exactly the same way. My heart is grieving for those families who lost their baby. My heart grieves for the rest of us too for that loss of a piece of "our own humanity" as you put it. My heart is broken. So small. So very young. So very very horrible.

    1. It's just so horrible. My daughter heard about it, and I just had no idea how to explain to her why someone would do that, I want someone to explain it to me.

      Peace and Love,